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Punta Scario History

The Punta Scario Salina Hotel, opened in 1975, when Camillo, ship captain from the island of Losjni, today Croatia, and his wife Maria Andreina from Trieste and Marici for her friends, decided to transform two old buildings in a small Hotel on a peak overlooking the sea and the bay of Malfa.

Camillo and Marici, together with their four children, welcomed their guests in an informal and familiar way up to 1994. Only in 2004 Marici decided to return to Salina, starting a complete restructuring of the Hotel.

Anna, the youngest daughter of Camillo and Marici, after having studied statistics and having worked abroad for many years, in 2006 decided to quit her job in a Swiss bank in order to take care of the Hotel. Sea lover and free-diver, Anna is the director of the Hotel since 2007.